Congratulatory comment

Prior to the debut of Matsukawa Jet, we received congratulations from many celebrities!

Congratulations on your major debut! !! The songs and performances are great, but the talk was also very interesting, so I definitely want to hear it again! We pray for your continued success!

Yamada fully automatic (illustrator)

Congratulations on Matsukawa Jet Major debut! "Her event" 1st song The bright red sun made me goosebumps, wow, how I got hooked on this voice. An album that I want to listen to forever.

Ayako Ishiguro (picture book writer)

Both of them have been together for almost 20 years, but I think that it is the expression that they have arrived at now because they are always challenging not only in the field of rock but also in the field of "music".
It was a song song choice that stabbed me in terms of age, and I simply enjoyed it as a "listener."
Personally, I couldn't wait for the game music homage of the mermaid backtrack.
I think people in their late 30s to 40s have anthem-like elements, so I'd like you to listen to them widely.

E Plus Entertainment Co., Ltd. Comprehensive Media SPICE
General Editor & START TO BLING

Kenichiro Hakariya

I listened to Matsukawa Jet's major debut work. You can feel the commitment and affection of the two people, who simply cover the nostalgic masterpieces and only the songs of female singers.
Jet-kun's dexterity regardless of genre, honest respect for the arrangement of the original song, and the acting ability and expressiveness of the song as a female figure in the now endangered rock world are more clearly shown. I think.

It is a piece unique to them wearing a unique atmosphere.
Congratulations on your debut.

Yuji Nakada (singer-songwriter)

Congratulations on your major debut and album release!
We were able to join us in 2019's "Singing Hands-Hiroshi Takasaki-", and the groove of the three of us was really good, so I thought I could make a major debut together. rice field! Lol Let's make various events again!

BRADIO Vo. Takaaki Shinkoji

Keisuke-kun, Makoto-chan, Matsukawa Jet Congratulations on your major debut !! I listened to your major debut album "Her Events".
First of all, the lineup of song selection is exquisite, and when I look at the titles of the songs, I grin and look bad. (Lol)
In terms of generations, NOKKO's mermaid came alive, but I think that fans of the younger generation, such as masterpieces before and after their age, can also enjoy listening to them at karaoke. .. It's a bit astringent ... (Laughs) I think I met Keisuke around the age of 22 when he had TAMIYA's T-shirt and shorts as his trademark.
I had you use our studio at the studio rehearsal, but it was still the band name registration before the band name LACCO TOWER. At that time, Makoto was still in another band and hadn't met yet.
At the end of the rehearsal, I was smiling and staring at the faces of the members who were competing for the extra change at the rock-paper-scissors tournament.
Makoto, on the other hand, has been with us since the latter half of LACCOTOWER, but at our company, Live House Daikanyama NOMAD, she unfolded a quirky one-man, and I took off my hat for the impact and the strength of my heart.
The title of Shin-chan's original song may be caught in compliance now, but it was a one-man live with that song. The set list was also hit and it was a real performance, and even if I started singing, I said "Oh, I quit after all" and stopped in the middle of the song. (Lol)
This kiteretsu impression will be replaced by the impression that he is a shy and kind person later.
As the times change, I think that the number of encounters and promises with various people is increasing, but I would like to thank you for your comments in this comment with respect for your in-laws.
All the members are also uncle, so please be careful about your body and take good care of your fans. Sincerely.

Kazufumi Abe, CEO of Sound Studio Face Co., Ltd.

I often hear "lyrics that show the scene", but Keisuke's song has the expression of the main character.
Shinichi Jet's piano gives you an idea of where the main character stands.
I like that it is completed only by two people.
I like the fact that the arrangement has "likeness" but the original song is sincere.

I listen to it a lot.
Congratulations on the release!

Misaki Fujiwara Acacia Orchestra vocal / Radio DJ (Kiss FM KOBE)

Congratulations on Matsukawa Jet's major debut!
The retro atmosphere that is rooted in the music that LACCO TOWER has expressed
Everyone knows that it has an affinity with Showa songs.
The two of us, who have produced various masterpieces together for 20 years since their formation,
When you spin past hit songs, it shines so freshly.
The famous Showa actor who played Mr. Matsukawa's favorite "Furuhata Ninzaburo"
In 2021, he died despite being missed.
In such a year, I feel a mysterious fate that the two of us will start a new challenge.
A summer night where you can listen to the beautifully blending voice and the piano. it's the best.
There are many other songs I want you to cover! I wonder if I can request it.

FM802 DJ Hiroaki Asai

A gentle expression and a sexy singing voice.
Sometimes the tension is a little strange, but a nice guy, Keisuke Matsukawa.

Shinichi Jet, who has a delicate musical sensibility, although he treats himself as a dangerous person on the radio.

Through this cover album, I was able to fully feel the charm and talent of the two from a different angle than when I was in the band.

Shinichi's elaborate, passionate and colorful piano arrangement, which is hard to get cool in radio coverage.
And on top of that, beautiful and powerful
Keisuke sings all the famous songs.

Matsukawa Jet is not just a planning unit,
And this work is not a mundane cover album.
I think it's a work that is packed with the charm of Japanese masterpieces and the talents of the two men.

Navigator Yuta Kozuma

[Her event] is
Even if it is faithful to the original
Not completely dyed in their own color,
An exquisite balance without being biased toward either of them.
It ’s very comfortable, and it ’s arranging and singing.
The charm of the two people who notice what they did not notice at LACCO TOWER,
There was a new discovery in the original.
I've been with Keisuke for a long time,
I'm still involved in work several times (laughs),
It was my first time with Shinichi-kun, but it was fun to finally be able to talk about the album a little seriously (!?).
I'm sorry I couldn't prepare Shizuya's carnet this time!
I'll prepare a set of delicious coffee this time, so please come and visit us again!
Congratulations on Matsukawa Jet's major debut! !!

FM Kyoto α-STATION DJ Chikayo Kawahara

Congratulations on your major debut!
Congratulations! happy! I'm glad I was able to do an interview ♪
But ... it's sly.
What attracts you.
"Matsukawa Jet" that came out in a game with such a simple configuration
A masculine sensation, a stylish arrangement, and a serious sound.
that's cool. A singing voice and keyboard that are regrettable but healed.
One piece "her event" that taught me the fun of a new adult
I'm looking forward to the next work, but w
Congratulations again!
Thank you as always!
Keisuke-san! Jet! Thank you!

Satoshi Naito (FM GUNMA "WAI WAI Groovin'" personality)

Uo. I felt very graceful. Congratulations on your major debut at Matsukawa Jet! !! In the band, the singing voice that robs the heart with an overwhelming amount of heat and the two people who make the venue boil with strange and kiteretsu keyboards, but it is also good that the unit is so elegant and glossy. The song selection and the arrangement that did not forget the respect of the original song were also the best. Recommended for the coming midsummer night. Personally, I used to sing mermaids at karaoke so much that I wanted to sing along. Please invite us to the show live.

Tasuke Inamura (Alcala)

No ~ Very nostalgic Showa masterpieces I looked back on myself at that time.
Japanese music is wonderful. Naturally it is "now".
"○ Nkochi ○ Chin" ... It's a different, "warm old wisdom new".
The future "LA COO TOWER" may also evolve.
Congratulations on your major debut! !!

Banana Hall Manager Imadomi Ichiki

The long-awaited major debut! congratulations!
It was my first encounter with Keisuke, a reader, at a literary event. Immediately after talking, I was drawn to the aesthetics, rich sensibility, and soft personality. I feel that Keisuke's singing voice has the same attraction and intelligence as his personality.
In "Her Event", I was once again overwhelmed by the variety of vocal powers. In addition, Shinichi's emotional piano and detailed arrangements bring out the charm of vocals to the maximum. The masterpieces that the two of them carefully interpreted and presented newly have the capacity to affirm the way of life of women of all ages. I was encouraged by this work as a woman who lives in the same age as the two of us.

FM802 DJ Eri Fukamachi

Congratulations on your major debut! !! !!

Last year, when we were together at the live broadcast, I felt that the two of them believed in each other and that the style of "Matsukawa Jet" had been established. I think that the reason why I could enter there with a violin with peace of mind is because I have a deep pocket and a lot of drawers.

Even in the world of classical music, the duo of songs and piano is common, but it's really shocking to be able to create a new sound by sticking to the arrangement so far, and the more I listen to it, the more I discover. You can see that each song has its own thoughts.

I can see that this new challenge will affect the songs of "LACCO TOWER" in the future, and I think that "Matsukawa Jet" will evolve even more in the future. I'm really looking forward to your success! !! !!

Kana Kuwata (violinist)

After all Matsukawa Jet Japanese Kayo looks great!
Matsukawa-san's boyish and sexy voice and Shinichi Jet's colorful and gorgeous piano.
It refreshes the spoken language of a happy, sad and compassionate woman.
I'm looking forward to their entertainment!

I don't do "Hey !!" on the sound source (laughs)

Rina Katahira

I was jealous of Matsukawa-kun's voice, which made me realize the charm of the song.
It's a really good album.

MUCC Tatsurou

First of all, I accepted the unit name that the two people united and became like one person!
Thank you for speaking to YoYo the "Pianoman" to "The Song of the Famous Song-Hiroshi Umeda".
I will never forget, Ano night in Umeda that I drank with deeply ... Hot and hot!
The 10 historical masterpieces of this work are sorrowful and numbing ~ ♫
Listen carefully to the lyrics that are timeless and worrisome! !! Hmm! !! Hmm! !! !!

YoYo the "Pianoman" (from SOFFet)

The women in "Her Events" are crying a lot. No other male vocalist is as addicted to a crying woman as Mr. Matsukawa. At the time of song selection, I thought it was definitely a cover album. While feeling the deep love for the original song and the trace of trial and error in all 10 songs, the songs around "Red Sun", "Ningyo no Ie", and "Love Is Over" that can be heard only with the piano and songs are individual. I like it. Shinichi's piano is more words than words. I was paralyzed by the delicate and bold approach to the glamorous story. "Imitation Gold" is the coolest. Congratulations on your major debut and the completion of your one-of-a-kind cover album.

Music writer / Rie Hata


I have seen Matsukawa Jet and live concerts many times.
When I first heard about making an album, I was wondering if it was a two-disc set including talk.
However, when I listened to the work again ... the new things that I could not experience at the live and the music historia that sleeps at the root of them were beautifully expressed.
You still had a secret realm that I didn't know about.

Chachachan Chachachan Chachachanchan ♪

Congratulations on your major debut and album release!

Takasaki club FLEEZ: Manager Hirokazu Honda

Congratulations on Matsukawa Jet Major debut!
The songs selected are just like the roots of LACCO TOWER.
It's been over 6 years since the one-man at Crest, and it's a major debut! !!
Let's take a look at the activities of Matsukawa Jet and LACCO TOWER in the future! !! !!

O-Crest store manager MURO FESTIVAL sponsored by Kiyoto Muro